Let's talk about winning and losing.
Women and femme-identified people deserve more.
Thrive at work, at home, in your bedroom, and everywhere else you connect.
Most Americans have not received comprehensive sex education at any age.
Here's a sneak peek at info I shared during my first Sex Talks event in Europe.

July 2022

My Sex Talks series welcomes a global audience, including you.
It's true. You can watch the show at 8pm ET on Bravo tonight, Mon, July 11.

June 2022

Episode 1: HopeListen now (10 min) | An interpretive reading of Hope: 5 Thoughts about Abortion.
If things aren't going your way, read this.

April 2022

Flirting updates, plus 2022 World Cup predictions.

March 2022

This is how my cat in DC scored us a flat in Lisbon.
Not so fast! Because, when it rains, water might pour from the ceiling.