Need a little hope? 🕊️

The most important relationship we'll ever have is with ourselves. If your nerves need calming, read this.

If you're not okay, this is for you. No matter what happens, try to remember — for all of us — the most important relationship we'll ever have is with ourselves. Stay centered. Give yourself what you need to be okay. I mean, there's a reason airlines remind passengers, “in the case of an emergency, please secure your own mask before helping others,” right?

You have to take care of yourself! (This is my constant self reminder.)

Over the years, if you've read my magazine and news articles articles & sex columns — or attended any of my theater shows — you know I've been open about my battles with anxiety. I've learned tons of tips to help settle my soul, even when there's turmoil around me. Some days are better than others, of course. In case it’s helpful, I'm sharing a few resources. Remember: "With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world."

Love. Always.

Tips To Keep Calm in Your Soul

Whatever your passions, skills, and desires, my wish for everyone is that each person finds a specific way to contribute to improving the world while also taking care of themselves. Find out how I find happiness by both saving and savoring the world. Check out Calm and Headspace apps for guided meditation tips. Since we know sex + religion can live in harmony; if that’s how you get down, don’t forget to pray. And, if none of the above sounds helpful, here’s a different take about the nature of hope and hopelessness.

Even when, or if, it seems everyone around you has lost their damn minds, hold on to your truth. Know this: some people will argue with you anyway. To keep your sanity, avoid fighting with stupid. If you need a laugh, read: It’s extremely divisive of you to tell the truth by Chas Gillespie at McSweeney's.

Wish Catsby & Fitzy, Happy Birthday!

Emotional support pets? You know it! May was a wonderful month Chez Hines. The great Catsby Sophia Oglethorpe turned a whopping SIX years old on May 14th. She was 2 years old when I adopted her in 2016, so we celebrate her birthday on her adoptaversary. May is also the month that I adopted her little brother, Fitzy. He was a tiny, 8-week old kitten when I adopted him in 2017. (His paperwork tells me he was born March 1, so that’s when we celebrate his birthday.) Behold Catsby, below.

And, Now … I Have Great News!

You’ve probably noticed I send the Tiny, Private Love Letter fairly sporadically. This has been the case because I would’ve felt guilty prioritizing it. The love letter generates $0 income, and it also takes time away from things that actually pay my rent — spoiler alert: it’s not a rich husband. But, I have good news! I’ve found a rich husband!!! (Kidding, of course.) I’ve come up with a solution that brings you in closer & helps me keep you in the loop more frequently. This is how it works.

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