Jun 24, 2022Liked by Twanna A. Hines

Great essay. Only comment I'd make is to this:

"Most people support abortion. Further, I remind you the Roe ruling was rendered by nine people, three of which were appointment by a President who didn’t even win the popular vote. This new ruling won’t last because most people don’t agree with it."

It was six people that rendered the ruling, three dissented. And to the very good point that Trump's judges were appointed by a popular-vote-losing president, not to mention the absolutely evil machinations of Mitch McConnell to reject Obama's pick but to embrace ACB, but Roberts and Alito were nominated by a president that reached the White House by losing the pop vote but winning electoral. Bush then got a whopping 50.7% in 2004, so yeah, loses the first time, baaaaarely squeaks by the second time by spreading lies about Kerry's wartime record while he ducked out of service completely. The GOP is shameless, evil, traitorous, homicidal, and their worshipped pharaoh is a mindless rapist, racist, thief, crook, liar, and absolute fucking moron.

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