10 Reminders to Add Joy to Your Life

Learn about the biology of desire. As a bonus, read ten fun things we can do to feel more joyful.

At exactly 8:00 pm ET on Saturday, August 15, 2020, I hosted a juicy conversation about the clitoris in partnership with the rePRO Film Festival’s documentary film screening for the Dilemma of Desire.

I love my job! Saturday’s guests included film director Maria Finitzo, plus two of the film’s subjects — visual artist Sophia Wallace and neuroscientist Dr. Stacey Dutton. Learn about the biology of desire & sexual pleasure for you and/or your partners. #GetCliterate!

Freely available on demand, the Facebook live is shorter than a feature film. It’s also packed with tons of helpful sexual:

  • news

  • tips

  • advice

  • laughs

  • … and more!

Grab some popcorn. 🍿 Send the video below to your smart TV, or watch it on your laptop or mobile. Since we’re on the topic of desire, below I share 10 sexy things we can do RIGHT NOW to feel more joyful. Enjoy.

Love. Always.

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10 Things We Can Do Right Now to Experience Joy

  1. DRESS UP. I usually wear tiny white shorts, plunging necklines and other fun clothing. At home during COVID-19, I’ve become more accustomed to running pants & T-shirts. While inside your home, try wearing whatever you’d typically wear when you leave your house — whenever I do, it boosts my spirits. Hope it does the same for you.

    (📸: Me on Tuesday)

  1. Exercise. Check out YouTube, Instagram, and Class Pass for online workouts.

  1. Get outdoors. Hike. Autumn is only a month away. If you don’t like cold weather, now’s your chance to soak up summer’s remaining fresh air and sunny days.

  1. Ask questions. Pose a few questions to get yourself back on track.

  1. Pleasure yourself or your partner. Read How to Please Someone Orally.

  1. Eat. Put other things in your mouth, too! Learn how to cook. Check out “thousands of the best recipes … [and] how-to guides for home cooks at every skill level.”

  1. Vote. If external forces — such as current affairs — are bringing you down, you can do something about that. Register to vote, check if you're registered to vote, or help others register to vote.

  1. Worry less. If you know how to do this, share your secret with me?

  1. Laugh. Research shows laughter is more than “just a quick-me-up”. Do it more frequently.

  1. Stay hopeful. Remember, as I’ve said before, “for all of us, the most important relationship we’ll ever have is with ourselves. Stay centered.”

That’s it, folks! Take care of yourselves and each other. Try to stay safe, sane, and healthy. 💋 If you want to share example of things you’re doing to feel more joyful right now, feel free to post ideas below.

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