I'm in Cosmopolitan: Advice for Virgins

Whether you try this particular activity for the first time, 50th time, or never, it's OK.

Yours truly is in Cosmopolitan. I’m quoted in 21 Actually Mind-Blowing Anal Sex Positions. To me, it’s important to include anal advice when I discuss sexual and reproductive health. Because defining "sex" as penis-in-vagina penetration is exclusionary & heteronormative. It also discounts a full range of sexual pleasure for all genders. As I told Cosmo:

“The body contains too many delicious holes to limit pleasure to a couple of openings. Think outside of the box, or hole, as it were.”

If you’re an (anal) so-called “virgin”. Enjoy. Or, don’t enjoy. Your body, your choice.

Speaking of bodies, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other — online at the Tiny, Private Love Letter, of course. Earlier today, folks with paid monthly (or Lovers’s Club) subscriptions got access to the full story that explains why.

Soon, I’ll send an Everything You Missed love letter. That’ll bring everyone up to speed about highlights from the first half of 2021. (Btw, I got a new hairdo.)

For now I just want to say, wherever you are and however you’ve been managing covid so far, I hope you and your loved ones are safe from harm. I also hope you feel loved. Keep well with your soul, and I’ll be in touch again soon. It’s good to be back.

Love. Always. 💋