Jun 25, 2022 • 10M

Episode 1: Hope

An interpretive reading of Hope: 5 Thoughts about Abortion.

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Twanna A. Hines
Award-winning sexual and reproductive health educator Twanna A. Hines writes a Tiny, Private Love Letter with relationships advice for business and pleasure. Subscribe to the podcast version to hear her read the love letter into your ears. Bonus: Get Twanna's updates about living in Lisbon.
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Lovers! ❤️ If you need a little hope about the Roe ruling, please read the full text of Hope: 5 Thoughts about Abortion. This episode summarizes each of five hopeful thoughts: 1) we can predict and plan for the future; 2) the importance of human rights is now more obvious; 3) People who support abortion are the majority; 4) We now know 'states rights' is a ruse — or at least we should know that; and 5) Roe has been decided for now, but this is hardly the end of the story.